How To Download Movies?

1. Visit from your browser or search afilmy4wap into google and select the first result to open our website.

2. Select the Movie/WebSeries which you want to download.

3. Scroll down and select the desired quality.


5. Next Page, you will see several download server, Choose any.
Note. Check different server if you see the file is unavailable or if you can’t open any link, then you can use VPN.

6. For example, lets. try with gdtot link.

  • Open gdtot link.
  • Click Download & Play Here.

7. Login with your gmail id.
– Select gmail id and give permission (click allow).

8. You are signed in successfully ✓
Now again click on Download & Play Here.

9. Now click Download Here.

10. If you continue with google drive app

  • first, click on three dot icon as show the image.
  • next, click on Download as shown the image. It’ll start the download.

11. Or, If you continue with the browser click on download button or download icon as shown the picture.

12. Now click on Download Anyway.

✓ Your Download will start.